[LinkedIn for Leaders] Webinar

What if you could grow your professional influence, accelerate your online presence, and gain new clients?

Does the thought of creating your own powerful and persuasive content make you nervous?

Do you feel like you don’t understand how to maximize your LinkedIn profile?

Do you feel like you don’t have compelling or relevant content?

Do you feel like you don’t understand social media technology?

Do you feel like you have no idea where to start?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could post persuasive and influential content to LinkedIn anytime with videos, photos, copy, and polls in under 15 minutes a day?

I’m Benjamin Ray, and those are the questions I used to ask myself as well.

Just imagine if you had that ability?

What if you could give your knowledge to the world?

Imagine what influence you would have to be recognized as a thought leader?

Unfortunately, most C-level executives and high-profile entrepreneurs don’t feel comfortable on business social media platforms.

Even though you have risen in your career, you may have neglected to keep up with the times.  Even if you were to take an online profession continuing ed class it would take months to get all the information needed to feel confident online.

Or, while you might seek advice from a millennial, you would not understand the strategy behind the technology or algorithms to drive your influence, thinking there is no point to LinkedIn.

Talk about not keeping up with the times.

Just like you, I struggled with understanding the value and the power of LinkedIn, 

Like you, I have incredible skills and deep insightful knowledge but felt inadequate, and fearful of the platform, citing technology and lack of quality content as a barrier, until I found the secret.

When Covid hit in March of 2020, I knew the world was changing–in a big way.

I took all I had from coaches, books, seminars, and tricks I learned from years of being in the digital marketing and media industry, plus spending the past 3 years in intense leadership programs.

I put all of this together, and came up with a strategic plan to become a leader on LinkedIn, and what happened over the next few months shocked me.

I figured out how to leverage the power of the LinkedIn to create authentic human connections before I met someone in person, realizing with the changed world, there was no other way I could use my knowledge and gifts to help as many people as I could.

Some executives asked me how I was able to double my connections and become a thought leader while creating demand for my knowledge.

Others were skeptical, so I gave them a challenge, the same challenge I will give to you now.

I guarantee that you will have a thorough understanding of the power of LinkedIn as a Leader, and from this point forward, you will not be intimidated on the platform and for the rest of your life.  You will have a skill that will serve you in business and life forever.

AND if you don’t find value in my LinkedIn for Leaders Webinar, you will pay nothing.

And so far, I have never had someone say there was no value.  So if you watch the entire Webinar, I will prove my amazing results to you.

Here is what I want to do for you.  I am sure this will completely change your professional digital promotional confidence that I’m going to let you watch the entire webinar for FREE.  Then at the end, you get to be the judge.  Either I live up to my word or I don’t.

If I do deliver what I promise and you love the information, do nothing, and we will charge your credit card $325.00.

If I don’t deliver, or you don’t think the information was worth the price, just send me an email within 24 hrs, and we will not charge you anything.

Does that sound fair?

It’s kind of like going to a restaurant and only paying if you love the food.

Or going to a movie, and if you hate it, you pay NOTHING!

So now, it’s your turn to decide.

Say yes, and let me prove that my system works.

You will need to sign up and create a profile, and put in your credit card now to reserve your spot, but you pay NOTHING until after the webinar is over, and then you pay only if you love it.

You’ve got nothing to lose by giving this a try.

Even if there is a chance that this could completely change your professional life, isn’t it worth checking out for free?

Just click the button below, and reserve your spot for this life-changing and confidence building Webinar. I promise it will be worth it.

Here are a few things you will learn:

✅ How to setup and optimize, your LinkedIn account, URL, and bio for maximum exposure.

✅ How to never run out of daily multi-platform content to post through a proven method used by hundreds of high-income earners.

✅ How to strategize your feed and convert any visitor into a follower (and subsequently buyer).

✅ The famous hashtag strategies everyone is talking about, and which ones will benefit your business, how to use them, and where to post them.

✅ The best video, editing, content management and teleprompter apps and practices to use to shortcut the time and effort it takes to get your message online–daily.

✅ The strategy behind “The under 2-minute video”, made on your phone by you, and why this is so powerful.

✅ How to take control of your influencer cause marketing, and why this is good for ranking high in the algorithms.

✅ How often, and what content mix to post on LinkedIn, and other platforms for ultimate results.

✅ How to rapidly GROW on the platform with your target audience.

✅ And the “Insider secrets” – that I have learned through 12 months of coaching by some of the top digital leaders in North America.