[LinkedIn for Leaders]™ Webinar, Live, Business Accelerator

Through the Webinar or Live classes you will learn how to optimize your professional profile from someone who has been there himself, without feeling overwhelmed and intimidated, so that you can create a community that wants to listen to you, follow you, and buy from you.

It’s all about the habits you MUST build to go to the next level in becoming vulnerable online and understanding how the algorithms work to create authentic human interactions between you as the charismatic leader, and your followers.

You can’t have anyone know, love, and trust you, (KLT) if no one knows who you are.

After the course, you will have a highly tailored fully-integrated digital content marketing strategy that will optimize your LinkedIn account and grow your leadership presence to:

– Connect one-on-one with your audience;

– Improve self-confidence;

– Accelerate online momentum;

– Improve communication and on camera delivery;

– Influence thousands;

– Engage online to generate clients;

Why am I teaching what I have learned?

I have already helped many professionals, and I wanted to create something especially for senior leaders, who know they need to be optimized on social media, but don’t know where to start or feel overwhelmed by the process, and intimidated by technology.

The next 6 months (of quarantine) offer a great opportunity to grow your influence, especially if your LinkedIn and other social media accounts are fully optimized and you are taking advantage of the power of the Internet.

My commitment is to serve as many people as possible and provide a path to excellence, so I am providing you more options for courses.

You’ll be able to confidently optimize your profile and presence, and learn how to utilize your social accounts WITHOUT spending thousands of hours.

Through live classes and Webinar I will provide a deep dive into the exact framework and tactical actions I’ve developed over the past 9 months to double my LinkedIn followers to over 26,000 with high niche engagement and direct inbound leads.

I would love to have you learn what I have, and not be intimidated anymore by LinkedIn.

Classes below:

[LinkedIn for Leaders]™ Webinar

Understand. Gain Confidence. Take Action.

I guarantee that when you watch this Webinar, you will have a thorough understanding of the power of LinkedIn as a Leader, and from this point forward, you will not be intimidated on the platform and for the rest of your life.  You will have a skill that will serve you in business and life forever.

AND if you don’t find value in my LinkedIn for Leaders Webinar, you will pay nothing.

[LinkedIn for Leaders]™ Live

Connect. Level up. Engage.

As a leader, I will help you understand how to grow your influence and generate business through LinkedIn in this uncertain time of Covid.

In the course, I will personally walk you through each step, and you’ll be able to connect with me LIVE on these days, plus have weekly assignments and bonus insider tips.

[LinkedIn for Leaders]™ Business Accelerator

Trust. Accountability. Influence.

You have a specific business target that must be accomplished.  There is something holding you back, and you are stuck as to what to do.  

The Business Accelerator is the solution to get help with gaining absolute clarity, and a path on how to get there.

You get a private, confidential group of seasoned peers who help drive daily tasks through a proven methodology and action-oriented focused discipline to amplify your unique value as a thought leader and influencer, that if followed, will lead to you accomplishing your MUST DO business goal.

Contact me for the confidential interview to see if you are a good fit for the next 6 week Business Accelerator starting January, 2, 2021

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