Business Consulting

WANTED: Companies Looking for Growth, Efficiency, and Scalability Planning. 

I provide consulting in the following areas:

Leadership / communication.
Short and long-term strategic planning. 
DAE (Delegation, Automation, Elimination) planning.

Culture and team-building.
Skill competency frameworks. 
Team alignment and integration.

Past Successes

  • Provided mission-critical strategic counsel, coaching, leadership and advisory services.   
  • Special focus on highly-regulated industries.
  • Consulted with brands on structure, growth and success.
  • Created internal processes and procedures for increased operational efficiency.
  • Reorganized sales, personnel, and project management.
  • Consolidated vendors, developed partnerships, and created digital standards.
  • Drove investment, performance and operational reporting to the board.
  • Founded numerous companies, led and closed capital raises / negotiated the events.
  • Public face and community liaison with regulatory, governmental and industry groups.
  • Built out a large extraction lab, handled all licensing, business operations and manufacturing.
  • Recruited, trained and built high-performance teams and culture through feedback and coaching.
  • Inspired teams and partners to take action in unstructured and highly-regulated industries.

Digital Consulting

WANTED: Companies Looking To Transform Random Digital Marketing Efforts Into a High ROI Media Empire.

Are you leveraging the top 5 marketing drivers for 2021?

Are you waking up every morning with passion and fire, focusing on the top 5 marketing initiatives to grow your business? If not, why?

Here they are for 2021:

1. Creating powerful, relevant and personalized experiences.
2. Driving multichannel revenue.
3. Implementing digital transformation.
4. Communicating a company’s social purpose.
5. Building adaptability and resilience.

How do I help do this?

For companies, brands and initiatives I help with:

  • Creating digital transformation and execution, and 360-degree reviews;
  • Highly tailored fully-integrated content marketing strategies;
  • Digital strategy and digital marketing (Web, SEO, Video, Email, Social);
  • Defining the why of your brand and how to communicate this;
  • Defining and communicating company, product, service, or personal brand;

For HNWI, C-level executives and entrepreneurs I help them:

  • Connect better with audience;
  • Feel comfortable in public speaking;
  • Accelerate momentum;
  • Improve performance;
  • Focus in clear communication / on camera delivery;
  • Clarify goals and pinpoint how to achieve them;
  • Grow self-confidence;

If you need help, send an email to: