Our strategic advisory agency is dedicated to boosting international startups through a digital mindset that emphasizes the importance of technology. We collaborate with exceptional entrepreneurs, CEOs, portfolio companies, HNWI, and other entities that we believe have a strong potential for accelerated growth. Furthermore, we are committed to working with organizations that are trying to make a positive impact on the world.

Our expertise is focused on innovation, global networking, and over two decades of business-launching experience. We can assist with every step of the startup journey, from the initial idea to commercialization and growth utilizing Startup Strategy, Fundraising & Deals, and Data-driven Marketing.

Our services assist in accelerated growth and a shortened line to profitability. We dive deep into superior content, customer engagement, conversion, loyalty, and brand advocacy, using data-driven insights to optimize touchpoints across multiple channels. This approach gives our startups a unique advantage.

With our capabilities in the US, Europe, MENA, and SE Asia, we are able to assist startups from all over the world in achieving their targets and growing their businesses.


Startup Strategy – Creating a roadmap for launch, helping companies achieve accelerated growth. We leverage innovation, our global network, and over 20 years of experience to guide you from the cocktail napkin stage to commercialization.

Fundraising & Deal Negotiation – Assist startups with investor relations, to reach the investors necessary for funding. We work with exceptional founders, CEOs, portfolio companies, HNWI, and entities that make the world a better place.

Integrated Marketing Services – Our end-to-end integrated marketing strategy service helps grow your company through superior content, customer engagement, conversion, loyalty, and brand advocacy. We provide advanced online tactics and data-driven insights to optimize digital promotion across multiple channels, giving your startup a unique edge.

We have worked with:

Benjamin Douglas Ray

About the founder:

Benjamin Douglas Ray is passionate about helping businesses succeed & grow.

With his extensive experience, he has developed a deep understanding of what it takes to drive startups and global brands to success.

His multifaceted experience in communications, venture building, digital marketing, innovation ideation, and international business, make him a highly sought-after trusted counsel to exceptional startups, brands, and founders.

His proven achievements are noted in his expert ability to simplify complex issues to accurately present a company’s purpose, vision, mission, ethics, and culture to investors, stakeholders, customers, and the media.

He helps entities organize, launch, expand, and grow, leveraging a vast global network of partner clients, senior decision-makers, investors, and strategic partners.

With his clear and articulate communication skills and deep industry knowledge, he is a valuable “go-to” resource for entities seeking guidance, development, and accelerated growth; as well as handling crisis and reputation management situations for CEOs and HNWI.

He thrives as a hands-on operator bringing parties together and collaborating across disciplines during mission-critical turnarounds and times of accelerated growth, demonstrating leadership skills in problem-solving, compliance, project management, marketing, branding, and investor relations.

Over the years he has built his network by actively cultivating genuine long-term global relationships while working in US and UK, as well as Europe, SE Asia, and MENA.

If you’re looking for a startup and growth expert with a wealth of real-world global experience in the startup ecosystem, send a DM or email: bdr@benjamindouglasray.com